Tuesday, June 5, 2007


What a fun weekend I had. The weary travellers arrived home just after 3 o'clock and I had managed to squeeze as much into the day as I possibly could.
Still haven't played with my new Dremel or made any jewellery but I did play and that felt great!!
Get into the shop today and do my pages in Mums colour journal RR, which has finally arrived home after over 2 years!!!!!! Also sealed the pages for my art journal that I completed over the weekend. I used the Golden Reg. Gel Gloss and it really brings out the vibrancy of the paints and crayons. Love it!
Then it is on to tackle the website and my day went down hill from there! The shopping cart had disappeared into oblivion and no one seems to know how to install them??????? Aaaargghh, what to do from here? I am surfing the net to source out some other carts but all the techie jargon just confuses me further, but we will get there. I may have to just load some stock on to the website and take phone/email orders until we can sort this all out.
On Sunday I painted and stamped a cork board I bought a couple of years ago. I have decided it is time to redecorate our home, so this will become my wish list of sorts. I have already pinned on an ad for an acre block I would like out in Bullsbrook, I love it out there. And I also pinned up the following quote,
"SHE turned her can'ts into cans, and her dreams into plans" (Kobi Yamada)
rather appropriate I thought. I love the book I got the quote from. It is called SHE.... by Kobi Yamada, and has loads of 'she' quotes. I am doing up an album based on the quotes, started the covers yesterday. I have also included some of the quotes in my art journal. I bought the book through Amazon if anyone is interested.
So, Now I am home again. Anthony spent all night being violently ill, so I guess he will be having an early night tonight. And, yes, he did go to work today, typical male!! Have to start cooking the Stew for dinner soon, love all these stodgy winter foods, especially love the oven baked rolls we have with stews and soups. Delicious....
If you would like an inspirational and moving read, check out the latest post on Judys blog,
I got goosebumps reading it!

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