Friday, July 27, 2007

A Journey

The clouds are gathering and the skies are growing darker by the minute. A Storm is brewing and it has created an atmosphere for the journey I have been on.
A Journey of discovery and enlightenment, a journey that delves in to the depths of human suffering, sorrow and true grief and also a testament to human courage and determination.
My journey was courtesy of the EXTREEEEMLY talented Judy Wilkenfeld and her blog
Judy is a visual anthologist and her work has a depth and insight that I have only ever seen in a couple of artists. You really must read her posts on her latest work NUMBERS. I won't go in to too much detail, as Judys blog tells the story so much more eloquently than I ever could.
I am so amazed at the detail and thought that goes in to every single piece that Judy creates, it is mind blowing and so inspiring. It makes me examine my art more critically and pushes me to become MORE as an artist. It is all well and good to create 'pretty' art, but Judys work is not only beautiful to look at, it has you thinking more carefully about very important topics in life. And to appreciate her work even more, Judy details her thought process as she creates her work, telling the relevance and significance of every piece that comprises each work.
How very fortunate are we in Australia to have such talent on our own doorstep??!
To Judy I say, thankyou so much for the journey. Thankyou for sharing your incredibly moving stories and your unbelievably beautiful work. It takes a truly gentle soul to create such pure art!


Judy said...

Hi Jo and Jacky.
Well, I don't quite know what to say. I am so humbled by your post, seriously. My cheeks have gone all red with embarassment. I am so glad you are enjoying the journey along with me. And I am so fortunate to have met you both for you two are also such gentle souls. I am really quite lost for words and feel so priveleged that you have posted this about my art. Thankyou thankyou thankyou both so very very much - I mean it from the bottom of my heart. xox Judy

Kristen Robinson said...

A wonderful tribute to an incredible artist who truly shares so very much of her heart and soul with all of us. Your blog is a delightful glimpse into a wonderful art journey.