Friday, September 28, 2007

A quick update

Even though I have not posted on my blog for quite a while now, I have been busy creating, but have also been busy with a hectic schedule.

We have been booking accomodation for the retreat and ordering lots of stock. Check out our online shop at some new stuff thats come in. Also catching up on the loads of paperwork that running a retreat generates (YUCKO!!).

End of the school term means lots of activities for the girls. Swimming lessons, sports carnivals, excursions etc... Spent the day at the girls interschool carnival yesterday and it was a fun day despite the showers.

Poor Samara has had a full plate with her year 12 essays and exams. Graduation ceremony is next term and we are looking forward to that. I am so proud of her, I know it has been a very stressful year and she has handled it all so well with grace and commitment. To all you year 12ers, best wishes on your exams, but don't forget to take some time out to have some fun or just chill! My thoughts are with you Judy and Ari!

I got some AMAZING books last week, they have all inspired me so much.

The next two books are great for information on using acrylic paints and creating some fantastic textures.

I especially enjoyed Acrylic Revolution, with projects based on the Golden products.

This next book is AWESOME and I have started making some clay pieces of my own to create a box and some jewellry pieces.

And if you don't have this book, rush out and get it now!

So many beautful books in this one, including work from the gorgeous Nina Have started making myself a House book and can't wait to do some more work in it!

For a little bit of fun and frivolity, check this book out.

As soon as I have some free time (whats that??), I will take some pics of work I have been doing from these books.

Until next time..............


Debbi Baker said...

Please please stop telling us about more books we must have!! I need a new bookcase first. Seriously though, they all sound great. Enjoy the long weekend - hope the school holidays mean a bit less pressure for you!

Judy said...

I agree with Debbie - but i do love them!!! Hop all is well.