Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!! Post 100

Happy Valentines Day to each and every one of you!! I hope you were all surrounded by the love and warmth of those dearest to you. A little sad that my darling husband is away working and won't be home until tomorrow, but I have my beautiful girls with me. I packed the three youngest a little valentine treat in their lunch boxes and Madisons face when she walked out of her classroom this afternoon was priceless. I wish I had had my camera to capture that expression.
So, I decided to make dinner a little special tonight. We had it by candlelight....

and each daughter had a handmade place card (whipped up in 2 minutes flat!!!), with a rose from the garden on their plate. They just loved it and we all felt very special and loved. What more can you ask for on Valentines Day???

And of course Paige had to get in on the action! Just love this puppy!!

I have had a few questions about the last lot of images I had on the blog. They are actually from the clipart section from a program called Printshop that I got with my el-cheapo printer. I don't have it any more but I had saved some to a folder, might hunt through my software and see if I can dig it up again as it had some fantastic images.

Okay, I have done a 'little' bit of art lately, will upload in the next couple of days. I made a gothic arch and had a go at a couple of Jens challenges. Creative time is really limited at the moment and I am so itching to get messy with paint!! Very frustrating...

And, yes, this is the final chance to post a comment before the big draw for the fantastic prize pack. The official drawing will be at noon West Australian time on Sunday, so get in there and comment.

Check out the fantastic journal that Judy made for Tim Holtz, absolutely awesome. This girl is seriously freakin' talented. Can't get enough of her work and she is a gorgeous person too.



Corrine said...

What a lovely valentine for your girls. My Husband was also away, but he isn't particularly romantic anyway.
I adore Judy's books too, each one seems to outdo the last.
A Happy Valentines to you too

Samantha Marshall said...

How romantic- what a lovely end to a great day.

Love Sam x

Karen said...

Hi Jo, this is a very late note to say congratulations on your 100th post - what an achievement! You made Valentine's Day such a special occasion for your daughters - such lucky girls! You may have started a new family tradition. I especially liked the handmade place cards and the freshly picked rose on each plate.