Monday, November 3, 2008

Almost Finished

A few months back I was lucky enough to do a class with the very talented Judy Wilkenfeld. I am ashamed to admit, it has taken me this long to finally get stuck in to it, and apart from a few finishing touches, I am finished.

The original book I had in mind for the outside turned out to be too small and I got very frustrated trying to find something suitable here at home. I was just about to go through the kids bookcases (nothing is sacred!!!), when I discovered two MDF placemats. They turned out to be the perfect size! I covered the placemats with some of the gorgeous Lynn Perrella papers and a few bits and pieces. The book is titled 'SHE' as that is the title of the smaller book inside this one and was the inspiration for my pages.

Here is the previously mentioned inside book. I really love the look of the stitches where the spine has been re-attached to the covers. I also loved the decoration and colour of this book, so didn't do much to it apart from adding a few charms. I had a great time learning how to age all the charms, messy but so much fun!
Here is the inner book with the window removed. The mica obscures the inside tin in the photo, but you get the idea. I actually had the cover and tin finished in Judys class.

Here is the inner book open to show the tin and inside cover. I love how the spine looks with the ageing techniques, thanks Judy!!
This book is attached to accordian fold pages which fold out. A bit hard to explain, I should have taken photos of it all folded out.

This is the first of the accordian fold pages. The image is framed by aged copper mesh, then there is mica, waxed paper, charms fabric etc... I found the layering a little difficult to get balanced looking, but really love the effect.

Page 2 of the accordian, this is inspired by a page from Judys book. Loved the look so I copied it for my own book. Judys has alot more detail and layering though. Under the image is a little fabric pocket which has a hinged frame inside. I still need to add images to the frame and will attach it to the pocket with some chain.

I am really happy with this (page 3 of the accordian) . This image is one of my favourites, the girl looks so wistful. The fabric was aged using techniques in the class, I love how the cheesecloth came out.

This is the back page of the accordian fold which is attached to the inner back page of the large book. (Does that make sense????)

This is the first page on the back of the accordian fold. I painted the wallpaper using Judys technique, layering with lots of paint, inks etc... I love how it looks like walnut wood. I will have to make some more of this, because I can see it getting used alot!

The corner piece was made by Judy and I was very lucky to be given it after the class.

Another back page. I think I will add a few more things to this page. Just feels a little empty to me?

This is a frame I made myself using the technique Judy showed us on the other frame.

When I designed this page I add a gorgeous crown charm that I had aged and it was going to go in the empty top part inside the frame. When I started putting it all together, the crown disappeared!!! I am determined to find that crown and this page will remain unfinished until I do.

A side view of the completed book.

A view of the bottom of the book.

A close up of the bottom of the book.I was so happy with how this turned out and am now going to get stuck in to a Christmas one.
Thank you so much Judy for the fantastic class, I learnt sooooo much!!
Don't forget that if you want to do a class with Judy, she is teaching at our 2009 retreat! Go here for more info.


Anonymous said...


Your book looks stunning. I expect to see it in person on Tuesday night. You have inspired me to finish mine.

Your girl looks gorgeous by the way.

Lisa Crofts

Judy said...

Looks great Jo -well done - you must be very happy.

Jacky said...

Fabulous book Jo, lots of great techniques that I am sure you will be using again and again.
I love all of those gorgeous aged fabrics too, and lots of beautiful beads and charms.

Ro Bruhn said...

This is FABULOUS Jo, this will definitely become a family heirloom. It's wonderful.

JuliaRose said...

Hi Jo,
Thanks for the best compliemnt I have had re my faces...never thought anyone would say I haveonly been doing this for a little over a year now...
I was amazed with your is simply wonderful...such a journey to follow through the pages so many surprises...I would love to see it in all is going well for thr retreat next

Viola said...

Fantastic! Great job! :o)