Thursday, September 6, 2007

Monday 03.09.2007 Excerpt from my journal

Oh what a glorious day it is today! Spring is here...
The lizards are basking in the sun and the fat little willy wag tails are hopping around with enthusiasm

I can smell Spring too, the occasional waft of delicious orange blossoms. The sun is out in all her glory with not a wisp of cloud to mar her brilliance.

I feel invigorated, a renewed creative gusto. I itch to splash paint around, redecorate my homes interior and exterior with fresh crisp white, pretty pinks and cool greens. I want soft cushions in all those shades, chandeliers and glistening crystals.

I feel the urge to dig in my garden, to wake the soil from its winter slumber.

Plant Summer and Spring annuals, toss out the weeds and feed it with rich manure and mulch. Fill my planters and baskets to overflowing with a riot of colour and cheer.

Spring Fever is in the air alright. As surely as the sun is shining and the birds are whistling.

The rain and cold and dreariness may return again tomorrow, but for today I will bask in this energy and carry its memory through to the next warm Spring Day!!

On another note, while snapping these photos, I caught this one of our kitten Romulas, near the front door. He was behaving very strangely, jumping on my back, leaping around. Whilst looking through the view finder of my camera, I noticed these strange orbs. It reminded me of when we visited the church at Fremantle prison and the tour guide told us these orbs were spirits. I thought maybe there was a dirty mark on my lense when I snapped these pics but this photo was taken after I cleaned the lens.

All the other photos on this post were taken moments before this one. I cannot explain what this little orb is on the photo of Rom, but I like to think it was my Big Puss, coming to share this Spring Day with us...

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