Friday, May 9, 2008

More on Dwellingup

Taking up from the previous post, this is the most gorgeous cottage, I could really see myself living here...

View of the verandah walking up to the cottage.

And the view as you step in the front door...

And the kitchen, the cabinetry is awesome.

This is the downstairs bedroom.

Check out the ceiling tin on that bedside table. I will be putting in an order to my husband for some of these!

The ceilings, beautiful.

And this is the upstairs bedroom.

Loving this cabinet so much!

The bay window...

I can so see myself curled up with a good novel or sketchbook in this little reading nook!

This is on the opposite wall to the bay window, leading out to the rear balcony.

And the view... Imagine waking up to that every morning??! Sheer bliss...

The view from the upstairs room to the kitchen..

And sitting area..

I love this table, it has so much character.. Love the peeling paint.

the bathroom...

And the loo... Yes, it is fully functional and has plumbing attached!!!!

More of the kitchen, love all the ripple iron.

And this is the second cottage...

And the view...

And as you walk down from the cottages, the Lodge is on the right...

check out these gorgeous old books.

and finally, the work room with all the girls working hard!

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