Friday, May 9, 2008

Very, verrrry long post!

Okay, today was the day I headed off to meet Mum, Nina and all the girls in Dwellingup, which is about an hour and a half drive from Perth. Turning on to the road to Dwellingup I was in awe of all this natural beauty around me. After a tough week, it was exactly what I needed and I could feel myself relaxing. The roads were winding with no traffic and surrounded on both sides by towering trees as far as they eye could see. Just magical. And as I crested the hill just before the township of Dwellingup, I was greeted in the ethereal beauty of a quaint country town, wreathed in early morning mist.

The road to Banksia Springs was a narrow, barely there, tar sealed road. The aroma permeating from the surrounding forests was so amazing, it was invigorating. I whirred down the window, turned off the stereo and just absorbed all the peace and tranquility.

Once arrivingI took a quick tour of the Banksia Springs, and that is what I will focus this post on. I will post again tomorrow of all the girls and their amazing work.

This is the foyer of the lodge where the girls sleep.

And this is Jackys room...

And this is Mums gorgeous necklace, that is a gift from Nina. Sorry it is such a bad shot, will get a better one.

This is the outdoor area of the lodge.

And the view...

This place is like a little ampitheatre.

There was something new around every corner of these awe inspiring grounds, like this bird house...

And this door to a shed, concealed by climbers....

I thought this place would be great in Spring, but look at this beautiful Autumn colours..,.

The dining room of the lodge, and I only stayed for lunch, but Oh My God!!! The food is so delicious!

Evidence of how the girls spend their evenings!!

The back view of the workroom...

And the lodge...

The gardens were so beautiful...

And this cottage was so fantastic, the photos really do not do it justice...

Tomorrow I will post more, but I am so tired right now.


Ro Bruhn said...

Looks a great retreat Jo, it's a pity it's so far away from the rest of us. Look forward to seeing what everyone's made.

Debbi Baker said...

How idyllic!! I bet those girls are having such a wonderful time!

Sam Marshall said...

Looks awesome!!!!!!!!

Phillipa. said...

O boy, wish I was there with them all. Looks fantastic.

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