Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What a hectic few weeks

Started this post with lots to say and complain about and het you all up to date, then did something and wiped out my entire post, pics and all. Aaaargh!
So, I will keep this brief and get it uploaded.
Below is my latest project inspired by the book 'In The House', most of the artwork was inspired by various artists from within the book.

This is the book open, hadn't completed the back page when I took this pic.

And above is the mess I was left with once I finished the book! Am in the midst of a massive studio makeover because I was sick of ending up in this state, but that is a story for another day!

Have a fantastic day!


Judy said...

Wow Jo - looks unreal. mess - oh well - we all have it. Glad to see you posting again.

Christine said...

Hi Jo. Popped over from LMA. Great blog, love what you did with the microscope slides, and your little books... wow, I think I need to take a look at the paper arts in conjunction with my stitching. Rom is a lovely puss, did you know that LOTS of artistic folk keep cats (or is it cats keep them, hee hee?) Must be something to do with the artistic vibes that they recognise in us, lots of photos of pusses on arty blogs around the traps. Must put up one of my girl, just have to choose my favourite pic. Hooroo,
Christine, in cooler Sydney

lisa crofts said...

jo this looks fantastic. i am getting psyched for the class with jacky next week and this is very inspiring.

Ro Bruhn said...

I can't create without a mess, I find all sorts of inspiring things in there. Love the houses.
By the way, a spare kit is on it's way to you.