Friday, January 22, 2010

A Belated Welcome to 2010!!!!!

It has been so long since I last posted on here. It has been so busy and then I had problems with all 3 home computers! They are all up and running again, thanks to my wonderful friend Eve, who is a whiz on all things computer related!
Well, where do I start? Our holiday to the Gold Coast was amazing! We had so much fun and are planning a longer holiday there for later this year! Was back only a month and then it was school holidays! Courtney has now graduated from Year 7 and is off to high school this year. Below are photos from her graduation.
Check out these awesome Chucks!! Love 'em!

Before we knew it, we were celebrating Jaydens first Christmas! Isn't he gorgeous!

Since Christmas it has been one thing after another without time to even contemplate being creative. Have played a little bit in some of my new journals, but not enough time to really get stuck in to it.
Just over a week to go and then the kids all go back to school and I head on back to work.
We are in the midst of planning a massive sale at the shop, including many of our pre-loved stamps, magazines etc... We are hoping to reduce our stock by half and then will start bringing in some really exciting stuff! I will try and get alot on Etsy but it depends on how busy it gets in the shop. If you are in Perth and want to get hold of some awesome things at amazing prices, let me know and I can email you when the sale starts. Am also downsizing my studio, and hope to set up an Etsy store with all my scrapbook stuff at heavily reduced prices. Well, best get back to work! Wishing you all a fantastic 2010!

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