Monday, May 3, 2010

Maddis Skating comp May 2010

This weekend Maddi had her 3rd skating competition, and I tell you what..., I am sooo proud of her. She loves her skating so much and does not let any set backs get her down! She is thriving under her new coach and improving in leaps and bounds.
Her she is with Natasha in their medals for figures, Maddi came 2nd and 'Tash took out the gold.
Here she is starting her dance routine, she came 5th.

And here she is in her freeskate costume. She came 4th in freeskate which was awesome considering she lost points for forgetting a jump and has only been learning this routine for a few weeks. We will practise lots more now and I am sure there will be a big improvement at next comps.

I am so proud of you Maddi, I think you are amazing!!!

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