Friday, July 16, 2010

Does it ever end?

It feels like I will never get to the end of adding products on to the online store and I am not even half way through yet!! At present there are over 700 products listed and many of those are on special. In two weeks we will be doing the Craft Fair at Claremont Showgrounds and many of these products will be available there, so if you can't make it to the fair, I highly recommend going to the shop and getting what you want before the end of the month!!

A couple of weeks ago, Mum had her Vintage Fair Miss Johnsons at the Guildford Town Hall. There are a heap more photos over on their blog, so go on over and check it out. There will be another fair later in the year, looking forward to warmer nights!!

This is the foyer display. Looked absolutely lovely on the Friday evening.

Mums stall, looking lovely with beautiful soft shabby chic colours.

A picture taken from the entrance before the doors opened on Friday night.

My little stall, I really have to get stuck in and make some more stock, I have lots of ideas for the next Miss Johnsons and can't wait to get the stock all loaded so I can get Creative!!!

These are some of the Scrabble Tiles that I released at Miss Johnsons, I was really happy with how they all turned out. These are now available on our online shop under Gift Ideas - Artistic Journey Jewelry.
I have been making a few scarves on a loom that I bought from Spotlight, and I must admit a bit of an addiction. I have just finished a scarf for my sister and now all the kids want one. I did nearly finish one for Kaitlin today, but ran out of wool. I also have been dabbling with my cross stitch again, which is something I can do sitting in front of the tele at night.

Before I sign off, I must mention the 2011 Gatherings retreat that we are running with Nina Bagley. I set up the blog today and all the details are also available on the website. Please head on over and check it out. I would love to know what you think!
Gatherings 2011 Website

Have a great weekend everyone!

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