Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Time has gotten away again

Where has all the time gone? I swaer I meant to post a second time last time, but before I know it 4 days have passed!
Have put up a few more pics from our Summer holiday, some show the huge black clouds rolling in over the sand dunes. We had a spectacular thunder storm that evening, plenty of lightning! Was awe inspiring to watch nature put on her very own sky show!
Will try and take my camera into the shop tomorrow. We have had so much stock coming in with even more on the way. Hope to start packaging up kits and delegate bags over the next week. Fingers crossed all the stock comes in! We are starting to get a little crowded in our little shop...
Jo xo

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Julie H said...

Jo I am so pleased you managed a break before the totally psycho pre-retreat time. Great photos!