Monday, June 4, 2007

Finally finished the shrine!

Okay, this project has been a long time in the making but finally I added the final touches to it. The photos really don't show alot of the details, but it gives you an idea. This was very much inspired by Michael as I really enjoyed his classes when he was here in Perth. I have used his stamps quite a bit. They are amazing, lots of detail in them and really unusual imagery. I made the little men from bits and pieces from the tray of goodies that Sunny gave us, some really great stuff in there! Gosh these images are taking ages to upload. I tried to keep them big enough for you to click on them so you could see a bit more of the detail. Oh, here they are!!

This is the inside of the shrine with the door open. The red images are 2 of Michaels stamps, I placed one stamp across 2 of the boxes (the two outer boxes). The drawers down below have nothing in them, but they do open, so I suppose I should really put something in there!

This is a close up of the central image. This is one of Michaels stamps and I cut a pair of eyes from a mag to place behind the horns of the charm.

This is one of my little 'men', this was so much fun to make and because it has a spring it bobbles around quite a bit. The arms are old fuse wires, love those things... I am glad I have alot more of them. There is a face image behind the glass pebble but because of the flash it has disappeared, it is there I promise! The whole shrine is constructed from foam core and it is surprisingly strong. I guess the layers and layers of paint and gels etc.. have strengthened it even more! I just love painting, if you mess up, you just paint right over it and add even more dimension!

This is a bit of the inner door detail with more of Michaels stamps. I have used all Golden Heavy bodies on this shrine, mostly Quin Nickel Azo Gold, Carbon black, Bronze, Crimson and Dioxazine Purple. When I finished painting, I had a mixture of 'sloppy' paint in my tray, so I dipped in some old book pages and different papers, they turned out amazing! A lovely blend of colours. I must scan them and post them here...

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Ro Bruhn said...

This is fantastic Jo, you've really taken Michael's techniques on board and added your own flare. I love the little man, the whole think is just lovely.