Friday, May 23, 2008

Art Journey Retreat 2008 - Day 3

It is a cold, blustering wet day here in Perth today. It is so nice to be cocooned in my little shop, surrounded by art and reliving the memories from last week.
I will be the first to admit that there were things that went wrong and definite improvements to be made, but overall, it was a wonderful weekend, filled with laughter and inspiration and the company of some truly wonderful and inspiring women. That includes tutors and students both!
The amount of talent we have here in Australia is comparable to the worlds best and I hope we, as Australians can embrace these artists.

Now, back to the Art Retreat! Here are a few backgrounds I created during Mistys class. I was fascinated with how Misty created her backgrounds and thoroughly enjoyed smooshing paint around. I also loved the effect of the Adirondack re-inkers. I had a play yesterday, so fun!

Saturday Morning we awoke to a gray overcast sky and a crisp chill to the air. The trees out front of the hotel had been stripped of their leaves, branches left bare to the Melbourne cold.

The range of Autumn hues coating the ground was beautiful and soothing, a lovely way to energise for a busy, creative day ahead.

Todays class was with the beautiful, talented Traci Bautista. This was such a full on class and because of my other obligations I was not fully able to participate in the class. But, I did come away equipped with plenty of knowledge and inspiration to continue my work at home. I also feel I will be able to appreciate Tracis book and DVD so much more now.

This was a very fast paced class, we had alot to do in such a short space of time. The class began with learning Tracis backgrounds, doodling etc.. I was blown away with how quickly Traci works and how beautifullt the end products turned out. It was very liberating, a freeing of creative energy. Great work for a cold day as the fast pace keeps you nice and warm!
Once we had created a huge stack of background papers on different surfaces, Traci taught us how to compile them all in to journal signatures and then stitch the signatures and create a gorgeous ribbon binding.

Below is Shirley Howard all the way from Dowerin in West Australia. Shirley was such a pleasure to have at the retreat. Always calm, and ready to be inspired! Such a beautiful gentle soul.

These are some of Tracis pieces on display. I love Tracis use of colour, so bright and vibrant and the fact that she uses commonly found items to create her patterns on her papers. I loved seeing how she used the different mediums such as Acrylic paint, inks, etc...

Here is Kirsty binding her journal. What a gorgeous girl, so happy and bubbly.

And Debbi Baker, another one all the way from W.A. Debbi is an extremely talented lady and is ready to give anything a go. You can tell from Debbis finished pieces that she has a real passion from her work, which is of such a high standard. She is also a beautiful person, always kind and positive with a nice word for everyone.

And the gorgeous Jo Wholohan, check out that beautiful smile. The only time I didn't see Jo smiling was hen she was concentrating on her work. Another Aussie talent that you need to keep an eye on!

Traci and Mandy. I loved Tracis style (dress and art), her enthusiasm, and lovely calming voice.

And a collection of the days work. I know many of us were going to keep working on these when we got home. If anyone has posted a finished one on their blog let me know!

That evening, a group of us went to Dantes restaurant in Fitzroy for dinner. The food was delicious, the restaurant full of interesting art work and the company spectacular. I had a great evening. It was so nice to chat with everyone, away from the classroom/shop atmosphere. These ladies are all so interesting and fun!

This was a huge mural behind our table.

And one at the end of our table.

And a carousel horse suspended above the counter. There were so many vintage collections, sculpture and art in this place. I wish I had taken more pictures. Even the toilet (restroom!!) had art work in it. You can imagine what we were like, stopping to stare at every piece!

Mandy and Corinne hamming it up for the camera!
And having a dance once everyone had left.

And though I don't have photographic eveidence, they were later joined by our fantastic waiter, Edward!
It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Unfortunately Nina was still fighting off a chest cold, but it was lovely to have a good chat and laugh with Misty and Traci. I was fascinated to learn more about Tracis workshop in Bali and all about ArtFest. I really need to go to ArtFest next year, Really, really need to go. It sounds like so much fun. My hat certainly goes off to tracy and Teesha Moore. What a mammoth event! 600 ladies plus tutors! I can't fathom how they do it, and they do it so well.
Well, I am off to practise some faces that I prepared earlier. Will post all about Sunday and Ninas class tomorrow or Sunday.
I am setting up a link section for those posting about the retreat. Let me know if you have written anything on your blog so I can include you!


Dot said...

Really enjoyed this Jo! And I loved reading your comments on some of the beautiful ladies who attended the retreat too.

Shirl is a gorgeous soul isn't she? And I was very drawn to Debbi Baker. Beautiful and creative women..

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Corrine said...

You and me both Mandy...just as well tho' because now that I'm home I realise I don't have any photos of you lot at all.
Jo you're welcome to link my blog and I'm enjoying reading the blogs I've found that are giving a retreat run down. I had the best time too.

Rebecca Vavic said...

I am so sad to have missed the dinner... really not meant to be.

Again, thanks for such an amazing experience.

You and Jacky, Mandy, Di and Corrine are so fabulous!


Rebecca Vavic said...

Oh and here's a link to my post about the retreat...


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