Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Total organised CHAOS!

I don't know whether to breathe a sigh of relief or go in to panic mode??! Sometimes I question why I do these things to myself, but I know that when we get to Melbourne and start meeting all the wonderful people attending the retreat, and all the classes get underway, thatI will feel very happy with what we have accomplished.

Okay, yesterday the girls started arriving for Ninas class in Dwellingup. Some girls drove straight there but I did have the pleasure of meeting up with Mandy W again, and meeting Karen and Denise. What beautiful ladies they all are! You can see the three of them below, rummaging through the suitcase of ribbon and aged fabrics.

They had a wonderful time exploring the shop and buying lots of goodies to play with during Ninas class!

Here is Jackys suitcase all ready to go. This is the case that he dragged around Europe, and also took to Cortona where she first met Nina.

And Denises' cases....

Jacky trying to pack everything in her car, only to unpack it all again, as they all decided to go in Mandys 4WD.

And this is the glorious view that they will be enjoying right now! The weather is just glorious here right now. T-Shirt during the day sort of weather but nice cool nights and crisp, fresh mornings. Apparently Nina started to feel the effects of jetlag yesterday, so hopefully they got a good nights sleep.

I have decided to drive down on Friday and spend the day with all the girls. Unfortunately I had to stay behind and pack up all the stock ready to be picked up by the courier today. Also, my husband is away again this week for work, so I could not get away for the week. But, I am enjoying the peace that is here right now!!! And this is what I can look forward to seeing on Friday!

As I mentioned earlier, I had to get all the stock packed to have freighted over to Melbourne, all 23 boxes of it! Whilst getting ready to pack this box, I heard some scratching and saw this little fellow in the bottom! Isn't he gorgeous! After getting him to pose for this shot, I set him free in the pack garden. I am so glad I saw him before I piled all our magazines in to the box, he would have been a rather flat chap!

And here is the fruits of my labour...

With a few more here that were way to heavy to get up on the table! Now, I can relax and wait for the freight company to come and pick them up to go on tonights truck to Melbourne! Look out, here we come!

I am getting a little frustrated that I have not been able to do anything creative lately, we have been so caught up in the organisation of the retreat. Can you believe that we are going to be meeting up with Misty and Traci and Nina in just a few days! How awesome is that?????
I am starting to get excited now...
8 days until we fly over!


Corrine said...

So exciting, only 7 sleeps til I fly to Melbourne as well. See you at Hawthorn gardens and I just can't wait! I've finally got my journal pages under control and now I can start to pack. I'm looking forward to having a closer look through all those exciting packages.
see you soon

Sam Marshall said...

Have fun!!!