Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just a little obsessed!

I have just been having so much fun, playing with paint and ink and transferred images. All weekend I was up to mu elbows in it (literally) and just did not want to stop.
I decided I would practise the techniques I learnt in Mistys class, using my journal as my canvas. Here are the results...
Though it doesn't really show in the photo, these pages have a silver sheen to them from adding Golden Irrid. Silver fluids in to the mix. Really like the look it gives to the page.

On this page I used a scrapbook page as a stencil to apply the Golden Soft Gel Medium as a resist. You can see it as a soft shadow on the left hand page. I also experimented with a couple of different Adirondack re-inkers. I have used Rust, Lettuce and Stream.

Well, I cannot take credit for this page! This is a Misty Mawn original that Misty very kindly created in my journal at the art retreat. It is amazing how quickly this girl can create a masterpiece!

Another background page. These will be my pages for writing on and adding all my relevant 'bits'. I have sealed all the pages using a Workable fixative, so If I need to add more I can.

Yet another background page, this time experimenting with different Golden Heavy Body Acrylics. On these pages I have used the Dioxazine Purple. Really like the effect of the Nickel Azo Gold Acrylic and the Lettuce Adirondack Re Inker.

And this is a page that I made with the painted figure. I have also used some of the Catherine Moore papers. I was really pleased with this page, certainly not as good as Mistys but I love it.

These are just a couple of transfers from some of my scrapbook paper stash.

Another completed page... Love the colours on this. Maybe a bit busy, but still I am happy with it.

Once again I have used alot of the Catherine Moore papers on this page. Those papers are so versatile and beautiful and work so well with this style of work.

This was a page I made at the Retreat in Melbourne. I have just cut it down to fit my journal. I have also used the cut off pieces on other pages.

Another background page. This time I used a chipboard cut out to stamp the Soft Gel on to the page to act as a resist.

Another page I made in Melbourne. I can see so many errors in my face painting, but it is a great souvenir of Melbourne, so I won't change it.

More experimentation with different colours. Used the Golden Fluid Cobalt Teal.

I have also been practising the 'face a day', as encouraged by Misty. These are magazine images. This one is actually of a girl and her reflection in the mirror, but I decided to make them look very different.

Another magazine image. I reckon the girl on the left looks a little like Sandra Oh from Greys Anatomy??!

This one I drew myself, inspired by the work of Kelly Rae, obviously on all of these I have only completed the skin parts and will work on clothing etc.. at a later date.

This is another I drew myself, inspired by Anahata Katkin. If you haven't seen this girls work, you really need to go and see it! Her art journals are so awesome and inspiring, I would just LOOOVVVVE to have her come to Australia and teach!

Last night I did the backgrounds on two canvases, but I have left them at the shop to complete tomorrow.
Anthony has once again gone away to work and won't be back for a couple of weeks. That means that I have once again taken on the role of 'single parent' and I tell you something. I take my hat off to every single parent out there. It is HARD WORK!!!!!!!!!! Not only do you have twice the work, but you have to take on all the emotional stuff all by yourself! At least I know my hubby is coming home and at the moment is only a phone call away!
Well, the kids are starting to get irritable so it must be feeding time at the zoo?........


Corrine said...

Wow Jo!
These look fabulous, fantastic and amazing! Who is putting who to shame now? quick where are my paints? no... must do must do, painting wins

Jo Wholohan said...

Wow Jo you have been most productive, well done!!!! Love the different pages you have created :))

Jacky said...

Hi Jo, thanks for sharing all of your journal pages... you are "so" good doing a face a day as Misty suggested (I feel guilty now, tomorrow I must have a play again before I forget how to do it!!!!).

Your journal is going to be amazing!

Wonderful Art Retreat - THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU to your self and your mum, Jacky.

Ursula Clamer said...

These are great Jo. The post started with some interesting backgrounds, then some fab journal pages and then the best 'til last were your amazing drawings! It looks like you had a lot of fun and are really putting what you have learnt into practice...well done, what an inspiration!
By the way....I'd really love for Anahata to come to Aus to teach too! Ux

suze said...

Great journal pages. I love days when you can get lost in your art.Tomorrow is my "art" day.
Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Marble Blue said...

I noticed in the post you mentioned Anahata Katkin and that you would love to have her teach. I recently emailed her and she told me she was very interested in teaching in Australia. Perhaps you could consider her as a tutor for the Artist Retreat 2009 or a separate event. Just thought I would pass this on - thought it may be of interest/useful.

Thanks for sharing all your work - you have done so many pages!!!! And they look amazing.
Love MB

misty said...

you are a natural! these pages are all so very wonderful! Great work! Hope you show more and more!

how you are taking on all that you have/do while being full time mom...goodness...time to reward yourself with some more time in the studio...alone time. ;-)

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous pages Jo and all this amidst taking care of five children, well done. I don't know how you do it.

grrl+dog said...

your work is so soft and feminine...a gift from the transfers? Will have to check it out

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