Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Always running out of time

Aaaargh! I have so much to show you, the work I have been doing of late but I have run out of time and am totally unprepared!! Very frustrating! I am trying to get all my materials compiled for Judys class on the weekend too, very disorganized!!
So, I will give you a little preview of Keith Lo Bues classes at the retreat.

And finally, because you enjoyed the last clipart sheet, here is another, just click on for enlarged image.

Thankyou for all of you who left comments, I have been visiting your blogs and I am awestruck by the talent out there, and the amazing lives you all lead.
Thankyou!! xoxo


Karen H said...

Hi Jo - more lovely clip art - thank you!

Corrine said...

Keiths classes look amazing, how am I supposed to choose? Looking forward to hearing about Judy's class over the weekend too.