Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SWH workshop Day 1

Well, it took me a little longer to get back to this, flat out at the shop at the moment getting ready for Christmas!!

Here are a few pics from the Saturday of the workshop. This day focused primarily on journalling and getting in touch within and with what you needed to say.
Lots of lying on our backs, gazing up in to the trees, relaxing and re-energising.
I got a load of journalling done from the prompts that Sabrina gave us, it's great to look back on it now and re-read what i wrote. I can't wait to get it all down in the journal I created.

Here is Sabrina and Erin, Sabrina is such a gentle soul, very down to earth and unpretentious. I so enjoyed her company and felt relaxed right from the start.

After lunch we all found our own little 'workspaces' and started prepping the pages for our journals. We had a lot of fun sorting through everyone elses left over pages to add to our own journals.

Mandys workspace. It was a little difficult with the wind, but fortunately it was a lovely warm day. Also, the wind allowed all our pages to dry very quickly!

It was such a lovely bunch of girls in the workshop and so interesting to hear others take on the journal prompts. So very obviously affected by our various life experiences and the aspects of our present and past lives.

See the pages drying on the improvised clothes line???

Day one was awesome and obviously including so much more than what I have written!
I went home that night emotionally and physically drained but also very inspired and looking forward to day 2!!!

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Nic Hohn said...

Sabrina was in Australia? How awesome!