Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not much further ahead...

Finished one canvas and almost finished another, but have not had alot of time for painting the past few days. Feeling like I want to be doing something else, maybe it is because these canvases are so small, yet require so much concentration to paint. I got some new bezels yesterday so might have a play with them.
I did do some scrapbooking last night, they are posted here if you are interested.

These have not photographed too well, it is rather dim here at the moment so I had to use the flash.

In other news...
Jacky and I are doing ALOT of behind the scenes work for Art Journey Retreat 2009. This includes talking with some incredibly talented artists, revamping the retreat website so it is more attractive and easy to navigate, planning loads of activities, demos, treats and surprises. I tell you, I am so excited about next years retreat that I wish I was a delegate myself! We have learnt so much over the past two years and that experience is really going to show next year. I wish I could tell you more but there are things that we really need to keep hush until it is all up on the website. Stay tuned, you will NOT be disappointed!


bridge loan said...

Well its nice.

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Corrine said...

Oh that's so not I'm going to have to check back every day! just to find out what and who..and and and....all of it!
Not much art being done on this side of the ditch at the moment...but I'm working out a new necklace which I'm really pleased with so how your girls necklaces turned out.

Ursula Clamer said...

retreat sounds exciting, I look forward to hearing/reading more! Ux