Sunday, July 13, 2008

Recent...hmmm... developments???

I have thought long and hard about posting any of this on my blog, still not sure if I will hit the 'publish' button when I am done typing???
I have just been discussing certain matters with Mum, my husband and my kids and feel that I need to defend myself. My sweet 11 year old daughter was quite indignant and told me I should always stand up to bullies!
I despise rumours!!! Hate, hate, hate them with a passion. They are started with the intention to cause harm and hurt behind the anonymity of computers.
Do these people think about the ripple effect that these rumours cause? Do they understand that they are not only hurting the people that the rumours are about, but their spouses and children, their business that they have worked long and hard to establish?

Over the past week we have had so many phone calls from the most amazing people offering much appreciated support, thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
Today my baby girl is very ill and that has made me realise that I need to stop worrying about all this other rubbish and concentrate on those closest to me, my beautiful daughters, gorgeous husband amazing parents and loyal friends.

So, I have decided. I will publish this post and then no more. It is over and we are moving onward and upward!

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Jacky said...

You are right Jo, family comes first. I hope your little one is feeling much better today.

I had a wonderful time at your retreat in May. You guys were very helpful and easygoing which made for a lovely atmosphere to create and make friends.

Take care.