Friday, April 20, 2007

Birthday madness

My middle daughter turns 10 next Tuesday and is having her party tomorrow. As my kids only get parties on certain years, we tend to go the whole hog. This year Courtney decided on a 'Grease' theme. After much searching, we could not find any appropriate decorations, so Samara came up with the great idea of the doing the back yard as a carnival, as in the final scene on the movie Grease. We have already ordered a fancy bouncy castle, so thought we would make some life size cut-outs. Well, it took almost 36 hours straight working on them, but they are almost finished... Will take heaps of photos tomorrow at the party, the kids have all got costumes (and me too!). Its going to be great!!!!
Top pic is me working on the first one we made, wearing my faithful painting cardigan! Poor thing is covered in paint. I still need to get the faces cut out and have them braced so they are free standing, but that is a job for the man of the house!!


Ro Bruhn said...

These are terrific Jo,they would look fabulous on the wall when the parties over, your daughter should be very happy. Wish her a happy birthday and have a great time.

Judy said...

What an amazing idea. They look awesome - and what an amazing mum to do that - gosh Jo - take my hat off to you. Happy birthday to you daughter - i have no doubt it will be great.