Thursday, April 12, 2007



Our Wednesday morning girls have been making shrines over the past couple of weeks and I thought I would share some pics of the works in progress. At the moment I don't have any pics of completed shrines but it gives you an idea of what we have been up to.
Jacky has gone for the Judy Reisch/Nina Bagley look, which Sunny is doing also. I am doing mine ala DeMeng. Robyn insists she is going to repaint hers at it is 'too pink' for her!! tfl


Anonymous said...

Joannes shrine is looking amazing, very michael de meng. The shrines are made of 5mm foamcore, covered in rice paper, then painted, collaged etc. The pattern for the shrines are from Carol Owen's book on making shrines. Inspirational book but the measurements are a nightmare, fortunately we have a wonderful girl Robyn Longley who works out all the measurements, then cuts out all our foamcore for us. We are all on a roll now and are keen to make a village of shrines.

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the shrines, they're all so different, I'd hate to have to choose a winner. Can't wait to see the finished pieces.

Judy said...

Great eye candy for us viewers out here in blogland. They are all so different and fabulous. Jacky, I am going to ask you to show me how to do that Nina claspy thing one day - i so love it. keep the pics up, we love them and thanks for sharing.