Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Easter

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing Easter break and are all fired up for creating!
Have so much that has to be done right now, just don't know where to start. I have found a venue for the Melbourne retreat, will see what all the girls think about it's location and then can fire ahead and start booking tutors, venues airfares etc...
I am working on getting all the photos and write ups done on the Fremantle retreat. It is a huge job.... so much info to process!! Hoping to get this up and running in the next couple of days for all of you who have been so patiently waiting!!
I also have a whole heap of art work to complete. We have been creating shrines and mine are all half done. Sort of stalled a bit with the Easter preparations.
We spent Easter Monday at Burswood Park for a picnic with Anthonys family. Was a lovely day, not too hot but with the sun shining beautifully. A friendly black swan took a shine to my sister-in-law Tina, but his advances were got a little out of hand. The kids had a great time kicking the ball around and playing in the playground. My nephew Jordi is quite the character, he thought spin bowling meant running around in circles before throwing the ball! So cute to watch those little legs churning.
Well school holidays are in full swing and it is so nice to not have that early morning chaos. My house has just had a big 'Autumn' clean and smells so fresh and clean, don't know how long it will last with the kids being home all day but I am bribing them with a trip to the movies on Friday. Blackmail at its best.
Will put all my photos on the computer this afternoon and start posting some of the shrines, Jackys looks amazing!

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