Monday, March 26, 2007

My Sunday

Well as they say, 'The best laid plans...'
I had planned on having a look at the Bead and Gem show, got all the way out there and there was only car racing on? So we decided to head on out to the Midland Markets and after speaking to the lady with the beading stall, found out that the show is on NEXT weekend! Duh!
Anyway, I picked up some lovely chain from the markets and we trotted over to the Rustic Gallery next door which has some amazing stuff, but alot that is too big for what I was looking for. I did pick up a few rusty pieces that I am sure I can find a use for.
Mum and I then went to a lovely ice-creamery before heading home. Not really how I intended to spend the day but highly enjoyably none the less!
Today all the kids are at school, husband is at work and I have a glorious day all to myself. Have been looking through Bernie Berlins ATC book and think I might have a play with some of the techniques that are in it. Some very cool background techniques. If I do manage to make anything I will post pics later.
Oh I forgot to add that there is rain in the air, makes me feel all creative and inspired! Love this time of year so much.


Ro Bruhn said...

Sometimes these days turn out better than the ones planned. I've ordered Bernie's book, I can't wait to see some of her backgrounds.

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