Tuesday, February 19, 2008

As promised...

Firstly as I know you are all probably itching to find out. My daughter Samara drew the name out of the hat this morning and it is........
Anonymous Karen said...

The laser cuts are amazing. Your poor dog! I hope she heals up nice and quickly.

Karen, could you please email me with your address so I can send your prize package off to you.

Had a very productive Sunday afternoon and managed to get some pages done in my art journal.

I have had this image from a magazine for ages and just loved it. The 'faith' is a rub-on. It is a bit hard to tell from the picture but I put a wash of Golden 'stainless steel' over the top which gives it a shimmery ethereal look!

Sorry about the blurry pic, I took the photos in a hurry before serving up dinner tonight! The centre artwork is an altered large playing card that I made a while ago. The title was cut from a painted piece I made in a Jen Worden challenge.

This page is a little dark as that was my mood! Having a few problems with one of my daughters and it seems to have crept in to my artwork. Oh well, art as therapy!!

These two (above and below) were very much inspired by Teesha Moore, I so admire her work and her use of colour and images.

On Saturday afternoon, we decided to take a drive down to the beach for the afternoon. It was glorious!! The weather was perfect, not too jot. The water was a bit cool and rough, but the kids were quite happy splashing along the shore line.
Photos of feet in sand, inspired by Nina!!

Little Madison, it was hard to keep her still long enough!

Kaitlin, I love the sillhouete photos, I know that professionals will say that this image is not great as the subject is not clear, but I love the effect and really that is all that matters. They came up great printed too.

Courtney having a blast. She looks like she is loving every moment of this!

One of my favourite photos from the day. I was so rapt to catch this shot just as the wave broke over them. My camera may not be an expensive one but geez it catches such great detail. These were all taken it auto mode and I haven't retouched them in any way other than to resize.

We managed to do a great deal of beach combing and I found a heap of sea glass... fantastic. I have been searching beaches for months looking for this stuff and only ever found one piece. On this day we got a load. Can't wait to incorporate it in to some art work.
Well it is getting late and I still have a heap of work to do. We are clearing out a lot of our stamps to make room for the Catherine Moore ones that arrived today. Make sure you check the website as the sale will start in the next couple of days.


Samantha Marshall said...

Wow!!! Jo these pieces are beautiful. Your art journal must be absolutely gorgeous. I love those images by Teesha Moore.

Megan P said...

what a prolific weekend Jo!
Wonderful beach shots.

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the journal pages Jo, glad to see you like colour.

Karen said...

Such beautiful beach photos, Jo. I love sea glass too. You must have been thrilled to find so much of it.