Sunday, February 24, 2008

Full moons and Art...

There must be something about full moons and art as I have been so inspired and itching to create the last few days. I can't seem to think about anything else.
We were blessed with this beautiful full moon, I think it was on Thursday night. I find it really hard to capture the moon without getting double/triple blur images. I re ally should have used my tripod!

Also, it is a shame about the power lines, but we do live in the middle of suburbia!

As I mentioned, I have had this urge to create lately. It is almost feverish. I just want to paint and glue and colour.....
This (below) is my latest entry in to my art journal. I made this when I got home from my brothers last night. The playing card is another one that I have made previously. It is using a page from the phone book painted with NA Gold mixed with glazing fluid. I then glued images behind clear pebbles and adhered to card. This was glued on to a page from a magazine, which was then stuck to my journal page. In order to do my journaling, I painted a couple of stripes with gesso. Once finished, everything was outlined with my Caran D'Ache crayons.

These canvases I started yesterday morning, then couldn't get back to them until early yesterday evening. I was sooo happy with how they turned out and with how quickly they came together. They will go on display in the shop for a while, then I think I will hang them in my studio.

This was the first one I made. I painted the canvases with a mixture of Titan buff, titanium white and a drop of NA Yellow. Once dry, I painted a rough coat of white. I then did the image transfers with the Regular Gel Matte. I wasn't sure how they would turn out as the images were ones I had had for about three years. But, as you can see they worked out great!

The Pierrot images on the first canvas and this one below were off the internet. These were glued down after I had done the image transfers.

I then added details with my charcoal pencil. I love how the charcoal defines everything, definitely one of my favourite tools. This image below was purchased from I bought this pack about a year ago and yesterday I purchased the cabinet card pack. If you are looking for great images at a fantastic price, this place is the place to go. You pay a donation by paypal and then you can download the images straight away. Too easy!

Well, it is Sunday morning, I have slept in, so the day is wasting away! I will do a mad dash around the house to get it in some semblance of order, then I can get back in to my studio! The canvases were made to Jen Wordens art challenge, but were late. I also want to catch up on some of my Gothic Arches, started another page in my art journal, so want to finish that and I want to make some more canvases but in stronger colours! So much to do, so little time....


Samantha Marshall said...

Hi Jo,
Your journal looks amazing!!!!
I just love your pictures of the full moon- they look mystical.

Susan Williamson said...

These are amazing canvases. You make a subdued palette look really dramatic. Thanks for sharing them.