Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jen Worden Challenge Day 4/Week 8

Here is Day 4 of Jen Wordens weekly art challenge. This is me and my Kaitlin, although she looks a little 'Demonised' is this portrait!!

And here is an Arch for the Gothic Arch Challenge. This is an old challenge, I am trying to catch up! This was for the theme 'purple'.

A big HELLO to Krissi a fellow West Aussie who was lovely enough to call me at the shop today.
It is so nice to chat with fellow bloggers.

To all those attending the retreats in May this year... the countdown is on! It is all getting very exciting and I can't wait to catch up with the gorgeous Nina again! I am sure someone out there knows exactly how many sleeps to go, so let me know.
Well, I am going out to work at my friend Dis scrapbook shop this evening so I had better get dinner started for the mob. 'A' is at work until just before I leave so it will be a case of 'ships that pass in the night'!! We are trying desperately to save up for a new car for me, but there is always something that comes up, like those vet bills!! So, we are both taking extra work where we can get it, but it gets to the point where you feel like you are in a long distance relationship!
Okay, enough whingeing, thats not getting dinner cooked! More tomorrow!


Sam Marshall said...

Beautiful work, Jo. You've really captured the essence of the moment.
Have fun tonight.

jen said...

I hope you're saving all these to put into a book or make a book, Jo. They are wonderful!

Corrine said...

I get 76 sleeps to go until I arrive in Melbourne on the 14th of May...or 11 weeks which sounds a lot closer lol

Krissie said...

your work is just lovely! Must pop into the shop one day soon for some more inspiration!

Stacy Alexander said...

Loving your work here!