Monday, March 19, 2007

The beautiful Nina Bagley!!

Where do I start to describe what an impact Nina has had on myself, Jacky and my daughter Samara? Maybe it is the similar personalities and sense of humour or maybe it is because Nina is just such an amazingly warm, kind and caring person that everyone is at total ease in her company? Who knows but all I can say is we miss her terribly now that she has gone back to America and we are counting down the days when we can get her back here!!
Unfortunately the photos of Nina are on the other computer so I will load those tomorrow but the pics above are from one of her workshops. I so wish I had been able to sit in on one of her classes, definately next time!
Nina has inspired me to delve in to the wonderful world of jewellery and I have started collecting all my bits and pieces to get started. More playing! WooHoo!
If you read this Nina.... fingers crossed we will see you sooner than expected!


Ro Bruhn said...

I agree Jo can't wait to see Nina again

Judy said...

Ditto that comment Ro and Jo.!