Saturday, May 12, 2007

Another lot of shrines

Here are a few more shrines that we have been creating at the shop.

This one is Jackys latest, done in a pale cream vintagey style, inspired by Sally Jean. This one is the finished pic from the last class we did. Nina Bagley/Judy Reisch inspired.
One of Jackys that she completed a couple of years ago.
And this one is my latest and as you can see, it is not finished yet!! Hoping to get that done today?? If I do I will post the photo.

And finally a little picture of our Mothers Day shop display


Judy said...

The shrines look great, wish i could get a closer look at the details. And the mothers day display looks wondeful but again its hard to see.Jacky, thanks for your really nice comments on my blog and Jo hope you are feeling better. Thanks to you too for your nice comments, you both know how to make a girl feel worthy - {{{{hugs}}}}.

Ro Bruhn said...

Lovely work Jo and Jacky, so sorry to hear about your kitten, it hasn't been a good week, as the song says, things can only get better, I hope they do

Anonymous said...

In the Mothers Day display is a lovely glass fronted cabinet that we got at the last craft fair, it sits on top of a lovely old white table.
All very shabby chic and vintage, just like me, haha!
Your work is wonderful Judy as is Ro's, we are so lucky to have met such talented girls.
We all tend to feel our work is not as good as everyone else's, we feel a bit fragile when we are just starting out, with all these wonderful artists from the USA coming over to share their creativity with us, we will all grow so much. Just remember you girls are going to be up there at the top in Australian talent in this field. enjoy