Thursday, May 31, 2007

Catch Up

Have been a bit quiet on blog lately, I have been so busy trying to rebuild our website. I know I told you I wanted to clean it up, but I didn't want it wiped out completely! Aaarrrggghhh!
We visited the craft fair at the convention centre and I must say I was very disappointed. All I bought was Traci Bautistas book (which i LOVE!!!!), and that I bought from a Thread Studio which is 5 minutes up the road from us?! I am sure there are many wonderful, exciting new craft businesses out there, but they are obviously not attending the craft fairs! The beads were disappointing, all cheap and boring.
Tried to upload some clip art images for you but Blogger is playing up again.
Will try again later.


Ev said...

glad to see you have managed to get a bit of the website up, I don't envy you the job you have ahead of you. I like the look of the classes and am thinking that I may have to make an effort to travel up there. I haven't been to that craft fair for years.

Judy said...

Hi guys, gosh i dont envy you with all your work ahead of you, what a pain. But i am glad you are fixing it, lots of things did come up blank. good luck to Samara for her exams - rather a stressful time, wouldnt you say Jo?
Keep well.