Monday, May 21, 2007

Making shrines

Please excuse my inexperience in blogging. Thought I would join Jo on her blog, there is a lot I would like to share with you also.
We have been making shrines in the class at the shop the last couple of months. We started making them from the book by Carol Owen on Making Shrines. Unfortunately found the measurements not very accurate. Robyn our shrine making architect nutted them out for us and she is such an angel, cutting all our shrines for us from foamcore. Making the shrine itself is not so much fun, but when it has been built the fun begins.
This one I made in memory of my wonderful friend Nina, a little bit of Judi Reisch who I also admire. Painted with Golden heavy body paints, if anyone is interested I can give you the colours. As you can see I have used vintage images to collage, all the metal objects added have been aged and verdigre'd. In the top under the roof is a wired twig. Below this on the opening door is a lovely peice of very old moulding I bought in Italy at the antique market in Arizza. I did declare it and it had to be fumigated, but didnt like to risk the fine.

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Nicole said...

Just stunning great artwork. ;)