Monday, May 21, 2007

Uh Oh I messed up

Whhooops couldnt find the image upload button. So my posts are just a bit out of order.

This is the same shrine with the door opened. Very old tassle I found at a flea market in Sydney it is falling apart but that is how I like it. Bit like me! Lovely card of pearl buttons and underneath an old mauve colour glass bottle. In the centre is the altered book if you look closer you will see the lovely old chain tassle holding the book shut, my lovely Jo gave met that, in the niches underneath sewing memorabilia, also the drawers below which also open, how neat is that. Oh no got another photo in but in the wrong sequence. Oh well I guess I will get the hang of it soon. This is the book inside the shrine opened out. I used a lovely old black book, covered the inside with some 7gypsy paper I have always loved. The inside pages are edged with aged copper mesh and eyelets, pages joined together with painted fabric tape. The front page has a mica heart a la Nina.
What do you think? I enjoyed making it.
Well I dont know about you, but I always try doing these things while cooking tea and usually burn the potatoes, you can see my passion doesnt lie with my cooking skills.
Ha fixed it!!!!


Ro Bruhn said...

Jacky, this is just divine, it looks fabulous as it is, then to open it up and have the book inside, is an added bonus, so lovely.
I've added your and Jo's blog to my links, I hope you don't mind.

Judy said...

Good thinking Ro!
i will add you too Jo, sometimes i just forget - woops, sorry.
The shrine looks great, and ofcoarse the book inside is my kinda thing - lots of intricate work in there - it looks marvellous!!!
Hugs from Michael too.

Nicole said...

Wooooooooooow, this is stunning, just love evrythign about it. ;)