Friday, August 10, 2007

10 Little Hearts

It is still raining outside..

Just wanted to share with you the little hearts I made today. They still need beading/decorating but I still thought they looked lovely just as they are.

And here is some pieces that I played around with placing on the fabric paper I made on Wednesday night.

Am loving this soooooo much. I have started decorating one of the accordian journals I painted the other day but will save that for another post as I have put crackle paste on it and it takes a few days to 'crackle'.

Well, I am off to start the bigger accordian journal. Did I mention how much I am loving this??!


Judy said...

The heart piece looks so beautiful Jo, cant wait to see it beaded. I hate that wait for the crackle to crackle!!!

Ro Bruhn said...

These are beautiful Jo. It's great to see their progress

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Jo - you have certainly been productive and I know how fiddly those little hearts are! They look stunning on the fabric paper. Glad to hear that you are taking pleasure in the little things (re your later post). Really looking forward to Artful Blogging!! Thanks for dropping by my blog too!