Friday, August 24, 2007

Little Beryl Book - Monday Art

This is the little book I made from techniques I learnt in Beryl Taylors book.
Above is the cover and I have used the Golden Crackle Paste and painted over with Golden Irridesent Bronze Fluid.

And the inside pages. I loved mixing the Golden Fluid Acrylics with the Golden Fluid Irridesents to create a soft shimmery look. I made the paints very watery, as Beryl taught us in the class. Of course its hard to see the effect from this photos, but it is very delicate, similar to Lumiere. The beauty of this is you can add the irridesents to any colour you want. You are not limited to colour ranges.

I only used a very small amount of paint and a drop or two of irridesent. Sometimes I added both the pearl and the gold irridesents to the paint which made an interesting effect.

The pearl tends to lighten the colour of the paint as well as adding a lovely sheen. This was so much fun and very quick to put together once I had created all the pieces. Alot were pieces I had made at the class and others were ones I made the nights following the class.

So, what have you created this week? Post a link in the comments section. I challenge you all to join me in the art a day project. Put a link to work in the comments section and a name will be drawn at random to win a mystery prize!


Judy said...

Looks so wonderful and girly, I bet your girls just adore it. Love that crackle paste! Sorry cannot possibly meet the art a day challenge, i mean I do art every day but a finished piece takes a while as you know. So creating the final embellishments for Numbers but you are going to have to wait just a wee(like my New Zeland lingo there) bit longer to see - but a new process is up.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a cool little book, very feminine

Emmcee .... Marie C said...

Hi Jo - love your little book - all those gorgeous subtle tones - wish I could have been at the workshops too! I have been trying to do a collage a day, but it seems to have got the better of me too ! Thank you so much for the Nice Matters ... and I would send one right back to you too!!!!