Monday, August 6, 2007

Busy, oh so busy!

It has been such abusy last couple of weeks and I am relishing this quiet time to sit back and gather my thoughts. As you can see, Samara had her school ball on Friday night, and oh, the dramas we had. We had planned on dyeing her dress to midnight blue or black, but unfortunately the fabric of the dress is difficult to dye. So, we altered it with this gorgeous trim and sparkly brooch. We were both really pleased with the results. Then, on the night, while taking photos out the front, her lovely new shoes snapped!! I did a hasty wiring job, and told myself I should have sat in on Ninas class and learnt the 'Nina Knots'!!! They held up for another few hours before snapping again. Not happy!
But, they all enjoyed the night and one of Samara friends, Patricia was named Belle of the Ball.

I have spent the last 3 days exhibiting at The Craft Fair at the showgrounds and am exhausted. Those things are hard going!! But the exciting news is I got to meet Beryl Taylor!!!! Beryl and her husband are such wonderful, warm people. Very down to earth and easy to talk to, and Beryls work is so awesome! The images in books and mags really do not pay justice to the detail and beauty of her pieces. I am so looking forward to taking Beryls class tomorrow. I will be sure to take my camera and show you what I made. I am doing the embellishment class and Jacky is doing the Book class on Friday.
It is a wet day again in Perth today, a good day for playing with paint, I think!
Have a great day everyone, will post again on Wednesday!


Julie H said...

Samara looks gorgeous - and the dress is lovely.

nina said...

oh, jo, she is BEAUTIFUL...and i laughed about the wiring of the shoes. yep, you should have sat in on my class, girl - hindsight, as they say? you were too busy. next may! give samara a hug for me and tell her she is a gorgeous young woman that all the american boys would be after, if she came to see me. xoxoxoxoxoxo