Thursday, August 23, 2007

Art every Day

I set myself a challenge of trying to create a piece of art every day, be it large or small.

It could be sketching in my journal or painting, as long as it is something that takes me away from this keyboard.

I have been very good so far.

Here are a few pieces I made yesterday for the Retreat Yahoo group challenge, A Gypsy Journey.

This first piece is the background for the next image. This was created quite by accident. I was trying a Misty Mawn background technique, but didn't like waht I had made so I added more paint over the top and a bit of molding paste. I need to make 6 more pieces like this now so have to remember what I did!!

I just love these images of Romany Gypsies, this is what I imagine when I think of Gypsies. Aren't their faces so full of character?!

This last piece was done on the Fabric Paper I made from Beryl Taylors article in Cloth Paper Scissors. The image transfer is not clear enough, so on the subsequent pages I will just glue the image down as is. It is of a family of Gypsies standing in front of their wagon.

I will post pictures of the charms I made this afternoon!

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