Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thankyou Nina

It has been a hectic morning, opening shop, netball, party pickups and getting Samara to and from work.

I arrived at the shop for the afternoon shift feeling exhausted and harried. Surely not in the mood to be creative, so my pieces sit forlornly on the studio tables. I decide to get my daily dose of blogs while sipping a much appreciated cup of coffee. Fitrst stop is Ninas blog, wow, this woman must be phsycic!!(sp?)

If you haven't yet read Ninas blog, go on over and have a read. Nina reminds me to sit back and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. After reading her blog, I wandered outside, the sun is shining... so warm and welcome after days of drizzling rain. The air is cool, but the sun warms my back. The birds are out in force, flitting and twittering their melodious songs. Wonderful. A touch of early Spring!

See the sun shining outside the window? In half an hour it will be streaming through said window, warming the wood of the cabinet and releasing the delicious smell of the oiled timber floors.

So, do as Nina says, go outside or look around you. Enjoy the little things that make our lives truly unique and special!

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