Thursday, August 9, 2007

A day with Beryl Taylor

Sometimes it is very refreshing to have a change of position, a change of roles. On Tuesday I was so very fortunate to take off my teachers hat and replace it with my student hat! I had the most extreme pleasure in attending a day long workshop with Beryl Taylor. This ladys work is so beautiful to look at and I can't express what a fantastic day I had. Below is a photo of some of the pieces I made in Beryls embellishment class.

In fact I was so inspired I spent alot of yesterday just playing around with some of the techniques I had learnt on Tuesday. Below is some watercolour paper I have painted.

And below are a couple of journals that I have painted and hope to start decorating in the next couple of days.

And these are some more 'bits' I made that are all part of the construction process. I set up an assembly line and got stuck into it last night. Now, when I want to make some embellishments, all the bits are ready to go!

The following 4 photos are the fabric papers that I made last night. This piece has a lovely printed napkin on the top but it is hard to see in the photo.

These two pieces I played around with different colours and applying the paint in different patterns. I used a very watery wash of the Golden fluids.

This last piece is my favourite. While I will use the other pieces to make the embellishments, I think Iwill use this piece as a background.

Unfortunately Blogger is playing up and I had to resize my photos to smaller images in order to load them to the blog. All these pieces are about 14 x 11" insize. It was so great to just get stuck in and slap some paints around and try new things. Beryl is a fantastic teacher, very down to earth and easy to talk to. It was disappointing that it was not better supported by Perth people, but I for one am very grateful for both Dale and Mareene for making the effort to get Beryl here. And I know that all the other girls who shared the class with me on Tuesday (a really great bunch of girls too!), they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and came awy very inspired and motivated to make more.

Thanks to Jaslyn, who really looked after us and made sure we had everything we need. To those of you who didn't attend, you missed out on an awesome teacher!

Jacky is doing Beryls class tomorrow, so I am sure she will post more photos over the weekend.


Ro Bruhn said...

These look great Jo, such fabulous colour and texture

nina said...

that sweetheart jaslyn - please give her my love - and wow, jo! you got to PLAY!!! such gorgeous, it will be fun to see what you do with those empty pages ;)
sending love from across the mountains and waters to you, sweet thing - love to your mom as well - xxxxxx

Jacky Williams said...

How I wish I was over there in W.A. so I could participate in the wonderful classes you girls organise!!! Thanks for sharing your work from the workshop, obviously a very inspirational day!
Do you know if Beryl is doing any classes in Victoria and where?
Looking forward to my classes next May!!!

Corrine said...

Oh Wow,
Beryl Taylor is one of my favourite artists, You lucky thing!and the results look amazing. Can't wait to come and play in Melbourne next year.