Monday, March 3, 2008

A bit late AGAIN!!

I was having trouble tranferring photos from my camera on to my computer, but the problem seems to have resolved and now I can show you a few things I have been up to. Above is a view of the glorious clear blue sky through the crisp green leaves of a jacaranda tree. We have just had a week of stinking out weather, so this day (Friday) it was cooler (only a little, but enough to enjoy being outside!!). I had been trying to capture a little bird that had been flitting around all morning but he became camera shy!

Above is Day 6 of Jen Wordens challenge. This is my 10 yr old daughter Courtney gazing out on the ocean from her rocky perch.
The three pics below are some Gothic Arches I have done as catch up on the Gothic Arch Challenge. Still have a few more to do.

School Days

Canine Companions


Above and below are two new canvases I am working on. I have used Golden Crackle Paste on both, you can see or the cracking on the unpainted canvas above. I think I may tone the paint down on the one below... I'm not sure yet??! What do you think?

Well today is Monday. The first Monday of a new month (ALREADY???????) and a public holiday here today. The girls are all loving this as the had Thursday off because of the teachers strike. Yesterday was a pretty cruisy day, Samara had a big get together with all her girlfriends last night and they slept in the tent. It was very scary to have some of them drive themselves to the party!!
We spent the afternoon car hunting. I saw ALOT I liked but well, WELLLLL out of my measly price range. *sigh* Oh for the lotto life!
Today is another cruisy day. Anthony worked this morning and has to go again this afternnon, so will be a late night for him. I am spending the day doing a little housework, my blog(!!!), and doing some scrapbooking. Can't believe I have completed three pages already this morning.

Anyhoo, hope this day, this week and this month are good to you all!

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Jen said...

Jo, I LOVE crackle paste ... one of my favourite things to use for all the textural abilities and depth getting colour into the cracks and then wiping out colour on top. Yum!