Friday, March 7, 2008

Paper casting - work in progress

Have been playing around with different paint techniques with my paper castings (see previous post). This one below, I am making into a journal cover. I have applied a coat of Golden crackle paste all around the outside of the paper casting, which was glued to the journal cover with Gel Medium. Just waiting for the paste to dry and I will extend the paint from the casting.

This one has a coat of Irrid. Bronze. It was watered down quite heavily and I found that watering it down didn't distort the image and was actually easier to work with. It seeped into the creases and grooves and I didn't need to work it in with the brush so much.

This again is the watered down Irrid. Bronze. Left this one patchy, not sure if I want to leave it like that or add another colour??

This has a coat of Quin NA Gold with a brushing of Irrid. Bronze over the top.

This one I started out by dry brushing the HB Burnt Umber. I found it was a little too sticky for the TP casting and started to lift the layers. I then applied a watered down mix of NA Gold and Black to fill in the white patches. Once dry I applied a little Treasure gold to pick up the detailing. I then tore around the image to roughen up the look.

I actually quite like the subtlety of this piece, even more so now that I see it on here! I think I will give all the finished pieces a couple of coats of Gel Medium or GAC to add a little strength, especially the one on the book cover.
Okay, my back is aching from sitting at this computer and I have retreat kits to load on to the online shop


Sam Marshall said...

Wow!!! They look incredible, you've done an amazing job.

jen said...

Excellent work and visual documentation Jo! ROCK! With the TP casts I've found the same as you, the initial coat of "whatever" needs to be quite watery. Once it's dry however you can really go to town as it seems to strengthen/seal the TP. (apparently there are binders in the paper to uhm, y'know do it's thing. ;) I've even used rusting medium on a "head" cast and it's hard to tell it isn't metal. I'll try and get a photo to put up today. Thank you SO much for doing the challenge. :D

cat said...

Your paper casts came out really great! I really love the bird casting!

Anonymous said...

Love the colours on the last photo Jo, how are you going to attach it to a book cover.
ciao bella

Krissie said...

WOW congratualtions Jo - tow aussie winners in so many weeks - we have done well over here!!! Well done your work is phenomenal!! I love that arched one you could make a book cover out of.