Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Art Play

A few weeks ago I got this book and though I have looked through it many times, I haven't tried anything from it... until today! My kids had a pupil free day from school, so I thought I would make the most of the day at home and have some art play!

I started by trying some of the step-by-step techniques from the book. This looks pretty yuck with the brown, but I had a colour scheme in mind, so I stuck with it. It was only experimenting anyway, so it didn't really matter if the colours were wrong.
I then added a coat of medium magenta, hmm... still not sure about the colours?
With a few white paint spatters...
Then a few orange spatters (cause I reached for the wrong paint! Should have been brown). It's grown on me since I made it and I am quite happy with it. It has a time worn look.

The next technique was layering papers....
Then painting over the top. Was happy with the colours in this one.
The last technique I tried was using modern photography. I decided to use an image from a magazine...
Painted over the collaged papers, using titan buff, a little burnt umber and a wash of titanium white.
This is the finished piece. I have added some more paint (jenkins green mixed with white) and a few extra elements and a charcoal outline. Quite happy with this one too. It was good just to try the techniques without worrying about the finished piece too much. Now I am feeling happier to try out a journal!
Thats all for now, time to start cooking dinner.
Hope you had a great day everyone and also a wonderful Easter! (Sorry, forgot to mention that before!)


Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Jo, these could be the start of your journal, I add all sorts of things to mine regardless of the thickness. This way you get to look at them on a regular basis, they're fabulous.
I adore that little window in your previous post as well as all the creative goodies.

Sam Marshall said...

Hi Jo,
How wonderful! Your experiments are gorgeous.

Guhn said...