Friday, March 7, 2008

Latest Jen Worden Challenge

Yesterday I finally found a spare moment to have a go at Jen Wordens latest challenge. I decided to go with the simpler toilet paper method and I just love the results.
This first one is from a paper casting mold that Mum had bought at a craft fair a while ago.

This one is a rubber stamp that is designed to make impressions on clay when you put it through a pasta machine.

This is another paper casting mold. I thought this would look great on a book cover and think I might just have a go at doing that.

This is an unmounted rubber stamp from Lost Coast Design. I'm not sure how the design will hold up to painting as it is a lot finer than the others I did.

I am not sure how this will hold up to painting as they seem very fragile. Mum suggested applying Golden GAC before painting, but of course I forgot to bring it home with me! As I have a few pieces I will try different techniques to see which turns out best.
Hopefully I will do another post this afternoon!!


Anonymous said...

Jo you could try a coat of PVA glue that should stiffen and seal.
They look great though don't they, can see a lot of potential and what a cheap product.
love yah

Adrienne said...

Wow, these came out really good! I used a stamp and a cookie cutter.

Dale said...

i love the way that looks with the bird there. >Lucky you having a mum that buy you such pretty stencils :). Very cool work on the challenge. I was going to participate myself but just ran out of time.