Thursday, January 3, 2008

Detail shots of my new studio.

Okay, these are the last shots of my room.
This is some Misty style pieces I have played around with recently, plus a little dog my husband made.

Some of my journals in various states of completion and a little wizened wizard perusing his spell book!

This is an altered book I started.... Still needs a lot of work, but I feel more inspired to work on it now!

My pin up board with some inspirational pieces hung on it. This sits above my computer.

My ribbon holder, this is double sided and I still have a box full of ribbon!!!

My cubes!! Mum and my sister bought me a heap of storage boxes from Ikea for my birthday and I have also been given two wooden wine boxes. This fit perfectly in these cubes and I am in the process of filling them!

There is a huge space above these cubes, I plan on putting more of my completed pieces up there. Anthony is also going to put a picture rail around other parts of the wall so I can have more completed pieces on that too. Better get to work and make some stuff!!!

This is my paint storage shelf for bottles. I took Ros idea of lying the fluids on their sides. Makes it sooo much easier to find the colour I am after.

Stamp pads, charms and little bits and bobs.

Well, that is more room. I am now working on making lots of personal pieces to decorate it. I am really inspired by Ninas studio, it just has so much character. My sister also gave me a set of snowflake lights for my birthday, so I want to hang those somewhere. Unfortunately, this room only has one power point! All my computer cables are hooked up to power just outside my room, which saves the power point in here for my lights, heat gun etc... But, where there is a will, there is a way. Those lights will be hung yet!!

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Ro Bruhn said...

Wow, great studio space Jo, I love your supplies, the beauty of having your own business is you can just bring one home when you run out. Thanks for sharing.