Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturdays art and a little competition

I have heard from many of you that you do actually read my blog, but hesitate to leave comments. So to encourage you all (hopefully) I have decided to run a little competition.
This is my 91st post on my blog, so everyone who leaves a comment between now and my 100th post will go in to the draw to win a fantastic prize. Each post I will try and give a little hint as to what the prize will be. Every time you leave a comment, your name will go in, so if you leave a comment on every post, you will increase your chances of winning!

Above is the little shrine I mentioned yesterday. It is still a work in progress as I am waiting for just the right pieces to come to hand to complete it. I know that as I start rummaging for another project something will tell me it wants to go on the shrine.

Below is the piece I am working on today, in between hanging out washing and scrubbing my 2 bathrooms. Ever since I did Beryls class last year, I have wanted to do a layout incorporating that style. So this morning I started placing bits and pieces here and there and will fiddle with it periodically during the day. I am sure the finished product will look completely different, but this is how I start something out.

Hoping to show you the completed piece tonight?!
Have a great day.


Corrine said...

I'm glad you are using the inspiration and techniques you took away from Beryls class, Can't wait to see the finished piece. I had a chance to take a class with Dale Rolliston in December and loved it.

Anonymous said...

I happen to come across this web site and have had fun spending a late Sat. afternoon here while sipping my coffee.

Roo said...
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Roo said...

Oops that was me that deleted that last comment - I hate it when I make a mistake lol
Anyway just stumbled across your blog and have loved looking round. Love your storage shelves further down.

Ro Bruhn said...

Great shrine Jo and I look forward to seeing the bottom piece when you've finished

Ev said...

LOL if you keep posting the way you do it could be a while before you get to 100 ROFLOL. I am looking forward to seeing the layout finished, I looked at the shrine and could tell immediately that it was BT inspired.

Karen said...

I love seeing how layouts start out. This one will be really pretty.