Monday, January 14, 2008

Post #91

Well, what a lovely day I had yesterday. I went out to my friend Di's scrapbook shop 'Scrapbooks to Di For' in Malaga, to catch up and have a coffee. It is always so nice to visit Di as she makes you feel so at home and she is always good for a laugh.
I also caught up with Nic, who I have known for years and who now works for Di.
Nic has just started her own business making lasercut pieces for scrapbooking and paperarts. Nic showed off a few of their new pieces and I also gave her my designs for a range for paper artists. Veeeerrrry exciting. The detail in Nics pieces is awesome, see just 2 pieces below.

This is the Twiddlybird, isn't it gorgeous?????

And these are the skulls. Even though I don't have boys I can see the possibilities of these on a journal. Look at the detail in these things! Just amazing.
These are available wholesale through Nic, or we will be stocking them soon for those who want to buy any.
Just let me know and I can get all details to you.

And finally, here is my poor wounded soldier, Casey. Saturday, week ago, Casey broke 2 bones in her paw and so is in a full length cast for 6 - 8 weeks. She has been so brave, not a single whimper out of her, even when it happened. (I whimpered at the vet bill!!!!)
Even though she is over 11 years old, she is up and about again, thinking she is a puppy.

I am afraid I have not had time to do any more art work, I have been cleaning house and doing SingStar with my kids. What a riot that is!!!

Oh and last but not least, a little prize hint...
It will include some of my favourite paints and something old/vintage.
Stay tuned for more clues next post, and don't forget to leave your comment to be in with a chance.


Corrine said...

oh your poor old puppy, I hope she is feeling better soon. I love older dogs, they are such good company.

CresceNet said...

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Ev said...

Poor puppy...poor (literaly after vets bills!) you. Aren't those laser cuts amazing...the possibilities...........

ATCLindaB said...

oh I love Di too, she is such a wonderful lady, she is super supportive of people, please give her a big hug from Linda Baldock in Sydney and let her know I'll see her again later this year :)

Karen said...

The laser cuts are amazing. Your poor dog! I hope she heals up nice and quickly.

Susan said...

Hello, I've just found your blog and your art is fantastic! Poor, poor doggie - she doesn't look like it bothers her too much.