Saturday, January 26, 2008



It is a beautiful warm day here in Perth Western Australia and we are gearing up for a wonderful evening of fun, fireworks and family!

It is on this day that we celebrate all that makes us unique Aussies. Laid back natures, hard working, loyal, fun loving! Our phrases and our mannerisms. This truly is an amazing country that I am blessed to be living in. And on this day, may we remember all our Anzacs who fought and died so we may celebrate with our loved ones in a free country. I will have fond thoughts of my Grandfather, Ray Johnson, a true Anzac whom I miss every day. Love you Grandpa xoxoxo

And to the family and loved ones of another great Australian, Heath Ledger. The thoughts and prayers of the whole of Australia are with you at this time of great sorrow.

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Susan said...

Being from the US, I enjoyed reading about Australia Day and how you celebrate.
Susan T