Sunday, January 27, 2008

Post #98 Celebrations

In true Aussie tradition, our Australia Day celebrations were very relaxed and informal. Also it was a very warm day. The kids spent the day in and out of the pool and apart from braving the weather to do my food shopping, I spent most of the day pottering around in my studio. As you can see here, Madam Page found a nice cool spot on the kitchen floor and spent her day dosing away!

Early evening we decided to have a sing off on Singstar. I tell you, this thing is soooo much fun and even the little kids can join in and have a blast. (thats my score in the blue, just don't tell anyone I was up against a 6 year old!!!)

And here we are, Myself, Courtney and Alyssa, my niece. Excuse the mess but it was a holiday after all!

And while we are all singing away, my darling husband is out the back cooking our meal. Another Aussie tradition... lamb chops on the barbie. Yummm.

It was still very warm when I took these photos at about 8pm!!

Then we met up with Mum and my sister Kirsty and headed off to the bridge to watch the Skyworks.

The kids all oooohed and aaahed as the cars whizzed along behind us on the bridge, tooting at us all gathered there. It was amazing to see all the Aussie flags everywhere. Makes a person feel very patriotic and all warm and fuzzy.

I didn't have a special camera lense but I was quite pleased at how the fireworks shots turned out.

And here are all the kids, that is my daughter Kaitlin with her tongue stuck out. Typical child of mine!!??
And little Lissy.

Over all it was a lovely day and I ended up by staying up til the wee hours of the morning watching two great Aussies, Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger in 'The Patriot'.



Lisa Renéa said...

Looks like everyone had a great holiday! Fab photos of the fireworks, too!

Susan said...

Great family pics and the fireworks too. Hard to believe you all are in the pool when we are in the midst of winter here in US.
Susan T