Saturday, January 26, 2008

Post #97 When life gives you lemons...

Two posts in one day!!! I think I have shocked myself.
Just wanted to show you my interpretation of Jen Wordens latest challenge 'Citrus'.

I have used a whole heap of different product here. Obviously, Teesha Moore clip art, painted backgrounds using Golden Fluids, plus some fabric background.

This was loads of fun, just playing around. Think I might put this on core board and hang it on my studio wall!



Anne said...

WOW!!! Gasping for breath here! This is my first trip to your blog (through Gothic Arches) and I'm completely in awe of your artwork! Fabulous!!!

jen said...

LOVE "Citrus" Jo. Awesome. And Happy Aussie Day. I'm envious of your sunshine and WARMTH right now. :)

Stacy Alexander said...

Hi Jo,

We've not met. I'm Stacy, and I'm here from Jen's challenge to say that I just love your contribution this week!


Susan said...

Love your interpretation of citrus!
Susan T